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Photos | Singapore Police Force


A recent commission with the Singapore Police Force.
This image is part of a series of images that will be displayed inside new e-NPPs (self-service neighbourhood police posts) in Marsling, Radin Mas and West Coast.

Client: Singapore Police Force
Producer: April Koh
Photographer: Samuel He /Weave
Assistants: Zam & Halid /Stills Network
DI Artist: Marvin Yang
Hair and Make-up: Angel Gwee


Port Ahoy!

Welcome to the Weave blog. Our main site is filling up with galleries so we thought the blog will serve us well in logging some behind-the-scenes info and talking to you (and ourselves) about photographs and videos.

We recently spent a week photographing mega-vessels, mega-structures and thousands of shipping containers for PSA.

Click the image above for more pictures from that assignment.